SeaVenture at Discovery Cove

The Grand Reef’s innovative experience, SeaVenture, is an underwater walking tour where, while wearing a dive helmet, you’ll feel right at home under the sea. You don't even have to have SCUBA certification.

Find up-close excitement around every corner, each step yielding a new discovery.

Easily climbing down a ladder and setting foot on the reef floor, you’ll come eye-to-eye with sharks through a full, 8-foot-tall, 21-foot long panoramic window. During the journey, you’ll experience one-on-one touches with unique animals, schools of fish and velvety rays, exotic-looking lionfish hiding under a dock – and even touch unique sea life found along the way.

The adventure ends with schools of fish feeding around the divers with the massive open reef as the backdrop. SeaVenture is a once-in-a-lifetime, undersea experience available for a nominal fee.

Important Information

  • SeaVenture operates every day and the whole experience lasts about an hour. The SeaVenture underwater walking tour element lasts 20-25 minutes. The time of your SeaVenture experience is allocated on arrival at Discovery Cove and there is a maximum of eight persons in a group.
  • Participants must be at least 10 years old and under 14s must be accompanied on the tour by participating adult.
  • Photos and videos are not included in the price and can be purchased separately.
  • Guests must wear a short wetsuit for the interaction.
  • Guests must be in good physical condition.
  • Guest should not consume alcoholic beverages for at least 12 hours prior to experiencing SeaVenture.
  • Guest should not fly within four hours of participating.
  • Guests can wear glasses/contact lenses during the dive. Sunglasses are not permitted.
  • SeaVenture is not recommended for guests with respiratory problems such as asthma, expectant mothers, those with heart, back or neck problems or if you suffer from anxiety or phobias such as claustrophobia.
  • The helmet weighs 15lbs in the water and 72lbs outside the water.
  • In order to ensure everyone's safety, participants must be able to comprehend safety-instructions in English.

Please Note: The SeaVenture price does not include Discovery Cove admission and must be booked in conjunction with a Discovery Cove Package.

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